Welcome to Taste of Tibet in the Torquay and Surf Coast Region

Tashi Delek (Welcome)

Tibetan Food, Homemade, Fresh & Made with Love

We offer Free Local Delivery, free pick up in Armstrong Creek or at the Torquay Farmers Market on Saturday mornings

Mouthwatering Tibetan Momos, with your choice of our locally grown, grass fed Otway Prime Beef Momos, our Vegetarian Spinach & Ricotta Momos or, our Vegan Potato & Mushroom Momos, all in frozen packs of 10, ready to cook from frozen, or on hand in your freezer. You can choose any combination of packs.

Between May and October, we have our seasonal all-in-one Vegan Tibetan Thukpa, a soul-warming soup with hand pulled noodles and vegetables, perfect for colder weather. Our soup comes fresh, ready to heat and eat, or freeze for convenience.

Not forgetting our famous spicy Vegan Tibetan Tomato and Hot Chilli Sauce, fresh for use to serve with everything.

Our online Minimum Order is $40

Please note: Orders CUT OFF at 12 midday the previous day before delivery.

Free Pickup in Armstrong Creek on Mondays & Fridays, pre-orders only, by appointment at 5 pm

Free Pickup at the Torquay Farmers Market on Saturdays between 8.30 and and 1 pm


Free Weekly Delivery in our local area only, between 9 am and 3 pm.

Check and select your delivery or pickup option at checkout

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Showing all 4 results